Private Lessons

In=person private lessons are again available at a price of $125 per session. Sessions are approximately one hour in duration and are scheduled at the trainer's discretion. Please email us at for more information on in-person private lessons.

Virtual private lessons are offered in on-line formats like Zoom and Google Meet.

Virtual dog training?! How does that work?

Really well! We have seen progress with virtual lessons even exceed that of in-person private lessons.

How is that possible?

We believe it has a lot to do with the less intrusive nature of virtual lessons compared to a person coming into your home. We spend much less time getting your dog calmed down to our presence and all the time is spent focusing directly on the issues you really need to improve. At the same time, in-person lessons allow us (the trainers) to have our hands on the leash and work directly with your dog, demonstrating how to do all the differing techniques. Then we hand the leash to you to help coach you. Which sounds wonderful and we love doing it! But the virtual lessons have shown us that it is much better for you to be holding the leash and for you to be doing the work the entire lesson. The virtual lessons allow us to spend the entire session coaching you directly on how to adapt and change what you are doing- so that your skill level working with your dog soars. Since you are the one that spends the most time with your dog, the lessons they learn directly from you will have the biggest impact!

Virtual lessons allow us to be the fly on the wall  that can then whisper tips into your ear and make living with and training your dog more enjoyable and more successful.

How do they work?

  • Virtual sessions are 30 minutes long.
  • 2-3 topics or skills are covered per session
    • This allows us to chunk the information in to smaller digestible bits- so that it is easier learn and retain.
    • This drill down focus makes the practice you do between lessons easier to follow through with.
  • You will receive a lesson overview with homework after each lesson. These will include tips and reminders on how to do the skills, and videos to watch to help reinforce the learning further.
  • You can email with questions and for help anytime you need to between sessions.

We will work on 2-3 skills or issues. This allows us to chunk the lessons into smaller bits, so that you retain the information better and it is easier to work on the skills/ information between your sessions.

Will you ever offer in person lessons again?

Yes! We love our in-person lessons too - and we were delighted to find the virtual methods yielded so much success. We realize that some people just enjoy in-person contact, lessons, and learning more; once it becomes safe for people to associate closely without possibility of infecting one another, we will resume in-person lessons and since we now know that virtual lessons are so effective,  we will continue to offer that option as well!

Email Us at to Schedule Virtual Lessons!

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