Cat Grooming

Amanda is our newest addition to the grooming team. She represents 16 years professional experience caring for pets, with 12 of those years dedicated to professional grooming.

Amanda has worked in every imaginable pet care setting: vet hospitals, doggie daycares, boarding kennels, both mobile and in-home grooming. In 2014 she attended the National Cat Groomer’s Institute and achieved her Certified Feline Master Groomer certification. It was here she discovered her niche, and soon grooming cats became her specialty.

She always puts the well-being of the cat first, and has undergone extensive health and safety training. Amanda learned many techniques from the instructors at NCGI and has become an expert in keeping cats calm and relaxed during their spa visit.

Cat grooming can help solve any of the following issues: shedding, matting, excessive flaking/greasiness, hairballs, fleas, long nails and can even alleviate allergies to cats. Your cat will look, feel, and smell amazing!

Cat grooming services include a bath and blow out with de-shed, toe nail trim, ear cleaning, sanitary trim (if desired), and paw pad trim (if desired, helps with litter tracking) and the option to add on a lion cut (shave length) or a comb cut (any haircut up to 1” length). Pelt removal is also available and may require extra time or multiple visits.